• Fix passing multiple ids to cleave see #1

sever 0.0.4

Initial CRAN version.

sever 0.0.3

  • Changed cleave center argument to center_horizontal and center_vertical for more flexibility.
  • Change cleave appear animation speed.

sever 0.0.2

  • Added cleave to customise error messages!
  • Created website
  • Ensure a single severed screen is present at any one time.
  • Check if option is set to keep functions from running if in dev mode to allow debugging, runs in prod. If not set runs functions as expected.
  • Added bg_image argument to sever function.

sever 0.0.1

  • sever_default A default sever screen.
  • Simplified sever function: change three-dots to html argument which takes sever_default.


Initial dev version.